Can a woman pay the bill on a date in Nigeria?

Published on June 7, 2018 by

Can a woman pay the bill on a date in Nigeria, a country where expectations of men and women in society is still very strong. BattaBox finds out.

Who pays the bill – the man or the woman – is a controversial question across the world, but it’s something you definitely don’t want to get wrong as the date finishes, you like the girl, and the waiter brings the bill.

“On a normal day, the guy is supposed to pay,” says one Nigerian woman.

“We still have the African mentality and need to play the big guy,” says one young man. “But it’s about respect.”

“I’m the one who will pay, no matter how much the bill is, because I’m the one taking the woman out,” says one young guy.

Protocol is changing rapidly in urban centres of Nigeria and opinions are certainly split between whether the man or woman pays, or you can share the bill at the end of the date


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  • RreefahH 3 years ago

    Who asks has to pay…

  • Kingsley Ikenna 3 years ago

    Maybe in the western world Nigerian girls are stingy and over proud…yet they are proud beggars…Nigerian girls don’t help in relationships most of them behave as if they are doing men a favour dating them

    • Victor Hero 3 years ago

      Kingsley Ikenna very true but please remove that proud begger. Am not nigerian but too bad to use such word

    • Kingsley Ikenna 3 years ago

      Victor Hero thank God u said you are not a Nigerian until you date one..they are beggars who offer nothing but sex in a relationship
      No other help..

  • toomuchtalk 3 years ago

    speaking for nigerian women we can pay but nigerian men for some reason wont like it

  • candis long 3 years ago

    I should have went to Nigeria for a husband!!!!!! 🙂

    • Emeka Akosionu 3 years ago

      Lol. Be ready to do all the cooking and chores by yourself..

    • candis long 3 years ago

      lol. Okay!

    • 10gallons 3 years ago

      Yes o. You really should have went…

  • Lila Karakas 3 years ago

    No real man would accept that and no real woman would propose it. I m white and respect too much naira traditional values. I feel pain that Nigerians try to act out of tradition

  • iam_dyrell 3 years ago

    African girls de do too much, if u invite her she go try bring friends make u pay all…smh

  • ComedyClubE SERIES 3 years ago

    Woman can pay a man can also ,if there is love

  • Divinest 3 years ago

    and here in America we men want girls to split the bills or even offer to pay

  • Rafello Cmax 3 years ago

    Ds Prog remind me of my past relationship we both understand(Luv) ourselves, Sometimes wen we go fr outing “She do pay d bills” most times I refused her paying d bills, but she wl instist to pay. On 1 faithful day she makes me understand wy she do pay most times Bcs, fr several “Trials she has bn requesting her upkeep” i don’t refused, I always grant her request by gvin her upkeep; Nt knowing she ws a great Girl(higher dan me) interms of finance, bt want to no d kind of Guy she is into relationship with. SHE said : in life sometimes U have to loose fr U to gain, so dere for as frm dat dat very day She ws responsible fr HER upkeep●

  • Beautiful Boy 3 years ago

    I’ve had a lot of girls pay for me it’s nice either way