Abba Kyari Burial Saga | True or False: Governmental policies are for poor masses and not the elite.

Published on April 20, 2020 by

Just some days ago, Nigeria’s Presidential Chief of Staff, late Mallam Abba Kyari was buried at Gudu Cemetary, Abuja after being pronounced dead amidst contacting COVID-19.

Just 2 weeks from now, Lai Mohammed mentioned that no “COVID-19 Corpses” will be claimed for burial and this means no exemptions, right?

Why then was Mallam Abba Kyari’s Corpse returned for burial? Does it mean that the rules do not apply to top government officials?

During the burial of Late Mallam Abba Kyari, all attendees as shown on national tv and other platforms did not obey the social distance order. And this is the same order that the celebrity, Funke Akindele and her husband, JJC was punished for. They were charged to court, discharged with a bail and community service.

What message is the government passing in this light?


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  • Beatrice Kadri 2 years ago

    It looks like it’s not for the elite but only for the poor

    • Max Emeka 2 years ago

      True talk

  • oyediran taofeeq 2 years ago

    The most painful part was the unruly order against Funke Akindele and these politicians will go scot-free🤨

  • Lamps Boss 2 years ago

    Nigeria Leaders are meant to break or bend the rules or laws to achieve whatever they want 🙆 If at all.. There should be people on ground to test those that attended the burial before they left the cemetery to discover whoever that was infected for immediate isolation, Now those people are back in the midst who know what will happen now, what’s the essence of lock down with this scenario 👺👹May God Almighty Creator continue to favour the masses and common man on the street of Nigeria and protect us all.

  • Ijebu- London 2 years ago

    May God help us.

  • cool bian 2 years ago

    the elite don’t care abouy you

  • Kenya A. 2 years ago

    All of them gathered there not even 2ft apart from each other. They even walked as a squad.

    The virus is not a rich man’s disease and this act is shameful to say the least. Watch number of cases increase over the next 2 weeks.

    I understand that one person can spread coronavirus to up to 40 people.

    I urge everyone to stay home!
    Wash your hands!
    Stay away from people!

  • Nancy Uche 2 years ago

    I watched it, but trust me, no social distancing, had it been is poor people they would have come to arrest

  • kingsley nwigwe 2 years ago

    Nothing Fears The North Like The Disintegration Of Nigeria

    Do you know that Northern leaders are manipulating the psych of their people with the many gifts they offer them at the detriment of other regions.

    The North have created local governments out of deserts and empty lands, and with it they have sustained their poor masses and stopped them from rising up against them.

    Most Northerners are paid in their local government headquarters, because they planned it in such a way that few people will be under each local government, with enough money to go round. Most people in the north, once you give them food, they have no problem again.

    The government of Buhari have thought the North that Terrorism can be a lucrative means of livelihood. We have seen Boko Haram members rehabilitated, paid and recruited into the Army. Fulani Herdsmen terrorists are pampered by the regime of Buhari. Bandits are allowed to be kidnapping people unhindered.

    For the past 5 years, this APC government have been paying Northerners five thousand naira every month. During this coronavirus lockdown, they were paid twenty thousand naira each, leaving out Easterners.

    Also, the truckloads of rice which Nigeria government seized from importers were shared only to the Northerners.

    When the border was closed, Northerners kept flooding Northern Nigeria with foreign rice unperturbed through Niger Republic.

    Even when the money is coming from the East, Fulani caliphate keep sharing it to their own people.

    They have for more than 50 years raised a subdued masses, instead of a productive masses.

    This will hurt them seriously in no distant time. The only thing helping them is one Nigeria. That is why the North can go to war to defend One Nigeria. The North is not yet ready for division. They don’t have the resources to sustain their lavish lifestyle.

    Some say Northerners are down to earth. It is a lie. The North is actually subdued. And since their leaders see to their welfare by stealing from Nigeria to placate them, they keep being loyal. They are constantly told how their leaders torture the East to make sure they get all  that makes them happy. A typical Northerner will be more happier to be ruled by a cow, than be led by an Easterner.
    Northerners love their leaders not because they are doing well. They love them because they are keeping the East down and making Eastern leaders their slaves. It gladdens the heart of every Northerner, even the most uneducated amongst them.

    The North is sitting on a time bomb. Destroy one Nigeria and the North will destroy itself. One Nigeria is the bomb detonator, nothing will expose Northern Nigeria like the disintegration of Nigeria.

    To exploit the northern masses, Northern leaders have purposely denied most of their people education. They have formed a religious mandatory Almajiri system that destroys young boys for their selfish religious  and political gains. Millions of Almajiri boys can’t read a single English word and many have become men and married multiple wives. Have you asked how these polygamous Northern men manage to take care of their family? The government takes care of them on their behalf. The local government inhabits little number of people, that there are lots of money to do this.

    When the payment of Northerners by Northern Leaders is discussed, ignorant people will start asking what our own Governors are doing. Believe me, I am a huge and unapologetic critic of these Igbo Governors, but in this case I perfectly understand the game of the Northerners. The North considered the internal problems of the North when structuring Nigeria. In fact, to say Nigeria was structured to serve the interests of the North is a perfect statement. The North only had land mass from the beginning. Not the number of humans they lied to have through dubious Nigeria census. Though Northern population is rapidly on the rise; the reason being that the northern leadership controlled by the Fulani, opened the borders for their brothers across west Africa to invade Northern Nigeria and become indigenes. They also advised their people, both rich and poor to be marrying multiple wives.
    The North needs One Nigeria to be able to maintain their growing population. That is why the present APC government is paying their teaming population (Northerners) 5,000 Naira every month. This payment will not stop, else their youths revolts against them.

    These things will hunt the North. There will be uprising once One Nigeria is buried. There will be no more stolen money from the East to satisfy their pauperized masses. That is why they are fighting and shouting that the unity of Nigeria is non-negotiable. As shameful as it is, they are ready to die for One Nigeria.

    Today, things are changing rapidly. The inevitability of Nigeria division is dawning on the Northern Leaders. How to keep up paying their non productive masses is their utmost concern. One of the reasons why they now look so confused and won’t stop looting the national resources recklessly?

    Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher and Activist.