PRICE HIKE: Lagosians Complains and Pleads with the Nigeria Government

Published on May 1, 2020 by

Lagosians are really complaining and airing their views about the current situation of price hike in Nigeria presently.

The issue of price hike has been a common thing in Nigeria whenever there is any form of scarcity, trend or pandemic at a region and time. These attitude by goods and services providers has been a really big issue. And during this current COVID-19 pandemic, the people have found it worst, unfortunately.

The federal government has laid lockdown orders in Lagos, Abuja, and Ogun state, simultaneously. And it has been noticed that other states of the country have been shutting down their borders and activated the lockdown too, as the COVID-19 viral infection spreads gradually.

The country has recorded a state of lockdown which has permitted people to stay at home with the absence of work. Therefore, income is really stagnant for some, and the purchase of goods in the market has become a lot harder with the prices shutting high every day.

What will the people do? How can the Nigerian Government tackle the issue of price hike?


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  • Calls 2 years ago

    loved it

  • Cassandra-Quesera Onyendi 2 years ago

    Good morning

    • BattaBox 2 years ago

      Morning Cassandra, how are you doing?

    • Cassandra-Quesera Onyendi 2 years ago

      @BattaBox good thanks. I love your shows.

    • oyediran taofeeq 2 years ago

      @Cassandra-Quesera Onyendi Thank you so much for always watching😉

  • Winter O'Neil 2 years ago

    Take care and stay safe guys …

  • ApexRB YTOFFICIAL 2 years ago

    We must stay home and protect our self and spend more time with our families

  • Ikharo 'ya 2 years ago

    What’s sad is the obvious lack of planning of welfare by the govt, who have made citizens assume that govt doing anything for them is a favour and not their actual job.

  • michael El 2 years ago

    Price gauging is illegal anywhere because the hoax pandemic.
    If u died from heart attacks they label it COVID or corona. Viruses can’t live in atmosphere or jump from country to country.
    Wake up people

    • Profezor Snayp 2 years ago

      Over 233 000 people died so far and you have the audacity to call them a hoax? Shame on you!

      Viruses can’t live in the atmosphere but they can live inside people. People spread them, that’s how they get around – INSIDE PEOPLE. You think you’re so smart but you lack basic knowledge.

  • Gabriel J 2 years ago

    This woman even makes more sense than stupid daddy usa is nigeria…smh, lockdown does not work in nigeria, nigeria has different kind of problems.