BattaBox goes to Russia for the World Cup!!

Published on June 22, 2018 by

Did we tell you we took a trip to the world cup 2018 happening live in Russia? Yes, Russia! A big thank you to our sponsor, for making this happen.

Congratulations guys, we are so thrilled that with your support through watching our videos and helping us grow, we were chosen to make this happen. We appreciate your continuous support, keep watching our videos and continue to subscribe to our channel.

Back to our awesome journey to Russia, our representatives, Folly Pandy and Kayode represented us and we are so excited by the experience.

As soon as we landed at Kaliningrad, we moved to the Nigeria Supporters Club base to prep and celebrate with them in anticipation of the match. In preparation, a member of the Nigerian supporters club geared other members up in a way to bring fun into it. We then decided to move towards the stadium and ask supporters of both country, Croatia, and Nigeria for predictions of the score and who they think will be the utmost winner at the end.

We then moved into the stadium when the match was about to start and it was really an amazing view. Don’t you think the watching the team play live is an exciting experience?! πŸ™‚

It was an experience to watch, but Nigeria fans and supporters where really disappointed at their loss to Croatia. It took a lot of persuasion for some of them to grant us an interview with them due to their mood, fortunately, we got some of them who decided to. Thanks to them.

We are hoping Nigeria gives us reasons to be happy in their next match against Iceland. What is your verdict for Nigeria team?

Do you think they will qualify for the next round? TELL US WHAT YOU THINK.


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  • jade smith 4 years ago

    First here😜

    • Olaoluwa Joseph 4 years ago

      jade smith dis is last week video

    • jade smith 4 years ago

      Olaoluwa Joseph oh really 😊 I thought this video was just uploaded a few minutes ago for the first time

  • Johnny GoodMo 4 years ago

    Batta Box una try! where do you get your funding?

    • FinnSawyer 4 years ago

      Johnny GoodMo from the youtube views? haha

  • Sexy Damsel 4 years ago

    Second here Xoxo love you so much Battabox

  • Smile2Joy 4 years ago

    Africans look good wherever they go! πŸ™‚