Would you take a Free Visa or 20 Million?

Published on February 12, 2019 by

Would you take a free visa or cash in hand? Every human has a will to choose what is better for them. We heard a real-life story, so we had to take it to the street. We decided to ask Nigerians, will you take a free visa to travel out of the country or take #20million/$55,000 to set up a business?

Share with us IN THE COMMENT SECTION what you will do if it were you, what will be your decision!

With the present state of the economy, one can gladly say things are not stable at this moment in time which is making life better for some and the other way for the rest of the people.

With some people who have found refuge in getting a visa to other countries especially to the western countries to seek for greener pastures.

Some members of the BattaBox team where party to a conversation at the Social Media Week Lagos #smwlagos that has just been concluded last week which lead to this question and we deem it fit to ask the people on the street; if they are going to take a free visa to travel out of Nigeria or will take the money and start a business?

We got some serious and hilarious responses. So we are asking you; if you were in the same position to choose, which will you choose, VISA OR MONEY?

Share your answers in the comment section. Thanks for watching!!!


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  • DJ up town 100% Jordan 3 months ago

    20 million

  • Radio station 3 months ago

    I am out of the country oready

  • Breenee 3 months ago

    I am happy ppl choose 20 million over free visa. If you’ve never been abroad then you really don’t understand what comes with it until you get there. Expectation versus reality. Bottom line rather than letting foreigners come to Nigeria and live like kings and queens why not let Nigerians acquire wealth and create more weatlh for others and take their rightful place at the top.

  • All Gucci Drip 3 months ago

    20 million, tf. You can get your visa and still have hella money

  • Benedict Onyekaba 3 months ago

    Who visa epp

  • Ricky Dian Permana 3 months ago

    Greeting from Indonesia

  • A- C 3 months ago

    ყơų ʂąıɖ 20’000,000. ŋąırą, ąŋɖ ų ąrɛ ʂɧơῳƈąʂıŋɠ usd

  • JESUS Son 3 months ago

    That question is like asking a hungry man that will he prefer a free means of food in another man’s home far away from his house or will he prefer to take the enough food and eat in his house. Of course he will gladly choose to take the food, stay in his home and eat very… So I think 20 million naira is enough to carry-on my investment in my country.

  • Elizabeth Okusanya 3 months ago

    I will rather go for 20millon Africa is my country l will make it there

  • Bawoni Tuntun 3 months ago

    They take the money cause they know if they take the visa they know they have to go to Work! Which they don’t want to work of course.


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