Will you take the blame for this? | This Scenario

Published on May 30, 2019 by

Will you take the blame for this in this scenario? Check this out…

Assuming you are a driver and you were texting, so you had an accident with another driver and a pedestrian, and the pedestrian died instantly. The other driver keeps shouting “I killed him” and you know you killed the pedestrian; Are you going to take the blame? Or you will let the other driver take the blame?

Share this video, ask your friends and family to hear what they will say.

We bring you yet another episode of Scenario where we hunt for people on the street of Lagos, Nigeria. The Scenario is a series of story-based vox pop where we sample real-life situation that is very obvious for everyone to share their opinions.

Here are some comments we got from the people we asked:

I am scared ooo because they say anybody that kills somebody will die by hanging, the first lady said.

From a normal point of view, I won’t let the other driver take the blame, I will come up with something. But because of the way the country is, the lawful implications and all, I will rather not say anything but I will say it is a mistake, another guy said.

We got a lot of comments from pedestrians who took out time to answer us. Kindly watch the video, like, share and drop your opinion in the comment section.


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  • Mr. C 1 year ago

    Presenter, you are looking cute everyday

  • JaskanFactor 1 year ago

    you should not joke with matters such as this, if you need ideas for new videos, take some time out, take a break, till you can get real again.

    • Ameenah Ore-oluwa 1 year ago

      JaskanFactor itโ€™s not that serious ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    • JaskanFactor 1 year ago

      @Ameenah Ore-oluwa I agree with you, i must have lost my sense of humor, the presenter is joking about murder right?.

      Any physiologist will telly you by reaching this far for jokes, she is exposing intimate details of her own mental illness.

      Every kind of corrupting starts with a joke, and you sitting in one of the most corrupt countries in the world, telling me its not that serious.

      Thats what the people of Rwanda used to say. “Its not that serious”

    • Basit Saliu 1 year ago

      GTFO! then and don’t watch.

    • Michael Heery 1 year ago

      @Basit Saliu no no its education for us TO AVOID NIGERIANS AND KENYSNS.

    • Ile Adura 1 year ago


      I understand your comment and your concerns. But I get the impression this opinion poll ( or whatever) is aimed at finding out if average Nigerians are honest in their day to day lives

      I dunno. That’s the impression I got from the description box and the bits I watched.

  • Teandra Sweet Tea 1 year ago

    I would take the blame. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I did not.

  • Basit Saliu 1 year ago

    Good to see Folly again โ˜บ๏ธ

  • Donna Darling 1 year ago

    Iโ€™d admit that I did it, but not to the texting


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