Why People Take Hard Drugs in Nigeria?

Published on January 9, 2019 by

Why do people take hard drugs in Nigeria? BattaBox heads to the streets to find out.

The cases of intake of hard drugs are on the rise and still growing by the day amongst some Nigerian youths. We have found it so alarming and interesting to do, so did set out to the street to find out pedestrians view of why they think people take hard drugs.

Hard drugs included cocaine and heroin and they can be extremely dangerous.

“People who take drugs behave like animals,” says one Lagos trader.

“Some people take hard drugs so they can do work more than their power, others for sex, and other reasons,” says on Nigerian woman. “But they are not good.”

From 2017 to 2018, Nigeria as a country experienced an increase in the level of intake of hard drugs especially by certain demography of its people, the youth. It definitely took a little while before the government’s intervention was taken against the use of these drugs. Thankfully we did an expository study and video!!! Click the link below if you haven’t seen the video:

Nigeria’s Dangerous Street Drug Epidemic:

Our presenter did go out to seek pedestrians’ opinion on the topic and we got a lot of interesting facts. Let us know what you think in the comment section.


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  • Zhora Kornev 6 months ago

    Drugs for fun :3

  • eadekolu 6 months ago

    Dang I didn’t know they are using drugs now how sad the future of the country is at large

  • Tobias Orion *rFitz* 6 months ago

    I want some Nigeria COkE!

  • Mr .Wallace 6 months ago

    Marijuana is not “Hard Drugs” its a plant, a herb that in fact is used medicinally helping alot of people. Drugs like (Cocaine, heroin, Cack, Meth, pills) ect are “Hard Drugs”

  • Visionloin 6 months ago

    May God Help you to rid of it

  • Shaku Demvihin 6 months ago

    everybody is a thief in nigeria

  • zelez4ever 6 months ago

    Hey BattaBox can you make a video about why nigerians want to immigrate to europe?, thank you .

    • Abayomi Bodede 6 months ago

      Batta box plz also make a video why mongo pack came to Africa thank you.

  • anonymous mc 6 months ago

    Dam maybe they just wanted to turn up😜

  • Yarcofin 6 months ago

    Why interview random people who have no experience? Speak to people who actually do hard drugs.

  • Ahmet E 6 months ago

    Is Odunayo alive ?


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