Weird White Chalk Eaten for Fertility

Published on April 11, 2019 by

Chalk eating is a thing practiced by some Nigerians especially in the eastern region of Nigeria. Back in the days, the consumption of chalk is a loving thing that is taken for fun and pleasure. This mini-documentary is a feature centered on the consumption of a weird substance(chalk) in West Africa countries especially Nigeria.

White chalk or Native chalk, it is called “Nzu” in the Igbo language and it is said to be becoming addictive among young girls of today. White Calabar chalk is a geopathic material popularly consumed in West African countries for pleasure. It is been consumed mostly by pregnant women.

Geopathic is the practice of eating the earth including soil and chalk. This practice is neither new or outdated and can be associated with Religious beliefs, medication or as part of a regular diet. It is called “Nzu” in Igbo land, in Efik, it is called “Idom” and “Eko” in Edo language.

We consulted a doctor to gain more insight about the native Calabar chalk if it has any side effect. He explained to us where it possibly originated from, watch this video to learn more.


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  • Self Emancipation 1 year ago

    Africans are the Original People of the universe and Naturally Brilliant!. Regardless of whatever any “western” brainwashed doctor may have to say, this “Alkaline” chalky compound is a natural “Anti Acid” effective against Acid Reflux.
    African Natural Way is The Only Way…naturally!

    • ARTHUR MORGAN 1 year ago

      And yet they’re leading the world in aids.

    • Nilaja Kamau 1 year ago

      says the descendent of the most diseased geno/phenotype on the planet? its been his-storically recorded that their mere presence brought death to the indigenous, aboriginals and autochthonous peoples of the lands european invaded.
      in the late 1340s the european bubonic plague killed an estimated 25 million people. the plague lingered on for centuries, particularly in cities. outbreaks included the great plague of london (1665-66), where one in five residents died.

    • ARTHUR MORGAN 1 year ago

      +Nilaja Kamau I’m not white. Im actually half Hispanic and black. Arthur Morgan is from red dead redemption 2. Yeehaw

  • vivian uche oyitabu-nwafor 1 year ago

    Nzu or uro. The salty one shouldn’t be consumed too much, because of the salt content, especially high blood pressure patients.

  • Freedom Styles 1 year ago

    I want it now 😊 I love 😍

  • terra Luxe 1 year ago

    The man’s microphone wasn’t even on fools. Did you not edit the video

    • Omoye Benjamin 1 year ago

      I just tire , they saw the video is not good and they still went and upload. When do nigerian grow up, are we to lean d sound rather d white chalk? Hissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss long hiss to batabox

  • Betty Empress 1 year ago

    Ghana we cal it Ayilo,l love it

  • kenneth Nathan 1 year ago

    Please this girl Dey form please use someone nice I beg

  • Bake with Chinny 1 year ago

    Never knew white chalk is eaten for fertility. Learnt something today

  • K T 1 year ago

    yummm i love nzu

  • Nilaja Kamau 1 year ago

    this eating of white clay is still a tradition in the u.s. particularly in the southeast. the white clay is called kaolin. “Eat White Dirt” is a documentary by Adam Forrester exploring the subject as well.
    my Mother(PBUH) said that when kaolin was unobtainable the women munched on Argo laundry starch. she also said i was covered in white residue when i was born. i feel fortunate to have gotten it all off me, love my deep dark chocolate skin.

  • Adetayo Temmy 1 year ago

    From sisiyemmie page.


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