Weird Food Nigerian Students Eat

Published on April 26, 2019 by

Weird food as explained and shown in this video is a combination of funny food people eat not necessarily for enjoyment, but for survival when they get so so hungry.

In Nigeria, weird foods are not commonly found in places like the regular or high-class resident, restaurants, eateries, parties, common places where food are eaten or sold anywhere. Weird food are mostly eaten by “students”, yes you guessed right!

Students do not just eat this food on a regular, but mostly eat these kinds of food for the sake of survival when they are short of food in supply when they are in boarding houses and hostels where there are far from home where it can get easier to access food under the tutelage of their parents.

When hunger strikes, weird foods are sufficient, trust me! These weird food combinations are sincerely funny and can be unbelievable when one sees them, or hear of them. Weird food like:
* Cornflake, egg and yogurt

* Bread and noodles

* Rice and okro (another option is Rice and groundnut oil)

* Spaghewa (A combination of Spaghetti and Beans)

There are a lot of them mention in this video, WATCH and hear it for yourself. hahaha…

What weird food have you heard of or eaten in your region? Let us know in the COMMENT SECTION.

Thank you for watching ooo…


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  • Email Ellis 9 months ago

    The presenter very pretty special the way she walk and when she showed her pretty feet from UK

  • 24hours church dot com 9 months ago

    ~ ~ Students of Nigeria…If you want to put an end to your
    –0–0 suffering…keep my party in mind for 2023 election…
    J OUR MOTTO ***(100 Naira coins = 1 Kobo Bank Note)***

  • Viv A. 9 months ago

    My dear, this isn’t just a Nigeria problem, it’s everywhere. Even here in the states, students eat junks

  • Bonne Chance 9 months ago

    I would call this survival food rather than weird. It shows how ingenius the students are.😄

  • Stephanie Innocentia 9 months ago

    Imagine eating indomie with rice, or iresi pelu salt… I was a kpako kid so… well. I even ate rice with my snot once so it would be tastier. TRUE STORY!

    Thank God those days are over!

  • Mahamud Naftixoor 9 months ago

    Every 1 says she eat…he eat…
    All you liers ..

  • Fshn Tik 9 months ago

    Very unhealthy

  • Bernice Sipes 9 months ago

    The dude in the white shirt cute and the dude sitting in the chair eating cute

  • Chi chi Oma 9 months ago

    My own then was speedy biscuits 4 or 5 with peak milk and cold pure water its the best and garri groundnut milk and sugar

  • Pun Bishal 9 months ago

    I am humbled to see such great folks and hardworking students who doesn’t complain but strive for their goals despite such difficulties. Respect.


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