The Nigerian Law Student who Paints Houses

Published on October 24, 2018 by

Meet the Nigerian Law student who paints houses to pay for her studies and accommodation when she’s not studying.

We met with this lady painter, an undergraduate of the Lagos State University who also doubles as a painter. We definitely love the sound of progress and it pushes us to reach out to individuals who thrive to make a living out of passion, discovery and other means. We made a video of this lady painter, Dolapo Racheal Bakare, her story and challenges. Watch Now!!!

Dolapo is a hard worker surrounded by a couple of supporters called friends, who helps her get up, dress up to avoid her looking like a tom-boy and prepare for school.

N.B: Did we tell you Dolapo is a training lawyer?

Watch this video to see her breaking point. “There is always a blessing not in every disappointment but some”. She also refers to herself as a Trailblazer and she is. Do you agree???


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  • Pietro Jenkins 10 months ago

    Does this law student know or even follow the laws of painting?

  • Uchendu Jerry Ogbuanu 10 months ago

    She speaks so well. Stay blessed babe.

  • Alayande 10 months ago

    Well done.
    Please Dolapo make sure you protect yourself and use protective goggles, mask, gloves etc. I’m a woman and also paint houses here in the UK. But be aware that long term exposure to the chemicals in paint can be dangerous. All the best

    • NigerianFoodChannel 10 months ago

      Well said 🙂

  • Deen 10 months ago

    Good on this young lady,can the presenter please stop trying to change her accent little bit annoying.

  • NigerianFoodChannel 10 months ago

    *This is truly inspiring…it’s great to see a truly independent woman. Hopefully those that sleep around on a daily basis in the name of life is hard will learn a thing or two from this*

  • Gene Noyan 10 months ago

    God Bless this Girl! Humble Queen 👸🏽

  • Dan Niel 10 months ago

    This fine girl doing this, abeg how can I get her contact I wan give her job

  • sagat4 10 months ago

    She is earning a living like every other student no need to sensationalise this Batta Box

  • Princess Hephzibah 10 months ago

    Wow….this is good.
    Kudos girl

  • ike Ike 10 months ago

    She is my inspiration


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