Story of a Female Lottery Addict in Nigeria

Published on March 11, 2019 by

Poverty is a really striking thing if it hits not just in Nigeria but any part of the word. This video you are about to see is a featured story of a Female Lottery Addict. This lady is a hardworking person who goes out every day with the objective of feeding her family through the sale of peeled oranges. But her orientation of how to make money changed from what it used to be to venturing into playing lottery which seems to be the only and surest way to get and win big money at once. Interested in this story? WATCH, READ and SHARE with your friends and loved ones.

She is a married woman with kids whose husband is out of his job for about 3 years now and struggles to make ends meet. Her husband as the man of the house according to her tries his best to make sure that he leaves the house every day so as to feed the family but the outcome of his daily adventure seem to yield very little to feed his family.

She was the regular orange seller until she heard the story of a friend who won #40,000 ($120) through lotto and that seems to be the motivation she needed to try lottery playing out. The beginning seems so fair to her is so motivated that when she plays with #200 ($0.65) over the course of three times every day, she will surely yield the fruit of her labor. Her husband was also a believer, so whenever he hears about gets information about a prediction/forecast he gladly tells his wife to try those numbers out, it could just be her lucky day.

Unknowing to him that he was unconsciously building her addiction through his support. This started causing disagreement between the husband and wife as her level of addiction has become a thing of shame in the neighborhood. Everyone around them has turned them to a laughing stock and the husband has been trying his best to stop his wife from this practice of shame.

Hey guys, thanks for reading and watching till this point. In your point of view:

* What do you think the husband should do?

* How possible is it for the lady to stop playing lotto?

* Is there a cure to this form of addiction?

Kindly share your answers and comment in the comment section…


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  • CJ 17 2 months ago

    Takes some time but you can learn to be happy again with not gambling . Gambling tricks the mind, you may win sometimes but the longer you play you will definitely lose

  • Lade de O 2 months ago

    I miss Battabox videos! And Odunayo too. Apart from the fact that this video is disturbing… it is true and sad. Thank you for shedding more light into the issue but is there any plans to help her with the addiction? I must commend battabox on their updates video quality and editing…. even drone clips, oshey 🙌.

  • stevo Stevo 2 months ago

    Gambling is an addiction that is hard to stop. Gambling is designed for you to lose your MONEY. It is a pyramid scheme. There is no clear solution to stop it because the government benefits from the stupidity of the poor. If the government provides jobs for these people, then the temptation to play will be reduced. I really feel sorry for that lady and all the people who are being victimized by gambling.

  • Wilsonian Garveyite 2 months ago

    Y’all need to leave these weaves ALONE!
    Good video btw.

    • lococreole 2 months ago

      Yes..its bad an sad

  • Alana Weaver 2 months ago

    She has a gambling addiction. She needs intervention to stop. Any true lotto head knows you don’t go in the hole; they know when to step back. Playing lottery should be a hobby not necessity to make money to pay one’s bills. Get help if you have a gambling addiction!

  • MsEss2011 2 months ago

    Can she sun dry that orange peel and send it, I’ll pay.

  • IrorunOluwa 2 months ago

    This is so sad. May God have mercy on Nigeria.

  • Harriet idowu 2 months ago

    Don’t judge her and pray you’re not in her shoes. Some of our people love to judge others. Whatever she does with her money is her business!

  • Assis Mascarenhas 2 months ago

    Request if anyone can predict a game call kalyan mattka in india that has 1 to 10 numbers need only one lucky number for the day
    Looking forward for your reply to negotiate on whatsup 8805357268

  • Alex Aleman 2 months ago

    Let me get this straight , she got morivated for a friend that won 40,000 naira, she plays 200 naira in the morning and 200 naira at night so that’s 400 naira every day for 5 years that’s roughly $1.10 dollars us. So let’s do the math 400 naira × 365 days = 146,000 , so 146,000 naira × 5 yrs= 730,000 naira the equivalent of $ 2,019.42 usd. So it looks to me you would have a better chance keeping your money and saving it yourself.


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