Should marijuana be legalised?

Published on October 11, 2018 by

Do you think marijuana should be legalised in Nigeria? BattaBox asks Nigerians and hears some serious, funny, and crazy answers!

The legalisation of marijuana or cannabis has been on the increase across the world in recent years. There are numerous reasons for this change in law and culture – as the medicinal benefits of marijuana for various illnesses and diseases are realised, but also the difficulty in policing the problem, especially with the failure of the war on drugs.

In Nigeria, however, it appears opinions are very mixed as to whether marijuana should be legalised or banned.

“It should not be legalised o!” says one young Nigerian man. “It has caused many distractions and accidents.”

“I don’t think marijuana should be legalised, as it will have a bad impact on Nigeria,” says another young woman.

However, there is a difference between medical marijuana and the green leaf marijuana that is banned in most countries.

“Cigarettes take the strength and shorten your life, but marijuana is just from grass and green leaf – it gives you energy and helps you to reason.”

Do you think marijuana and cannabis should be legalised? Gist us in the comments.


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  • Temi Amon 1 year ago

    wtf is shisha?

  • Temi Amon 1 year ago

    That lady’s proverb honestly didn’t make sense.

  • Temi Amon 1 year ago

    First time i ever heard weed as a cure to help treat the symptoms of hiv or aids… Wild.

  • Monique Times 1 year ago


  • EMMANUEL ONYEAKU 1 year ago

    Vote for Sowore and weed will be legalized

  • Bruce Alex 1 year ago

    It should be legalized

  • S Hussein 1 year ago

    Nigeria has so many problems but thank god drugs is not one of them. So no it should not be.

  • geography craft dot com 1 year ago

    ~ ~
    –0–0 Marijuana has his good and bad effect…..marijuana is the only drug in life that you cannot
    J take over dose…there has never been any death in history as a result of marijuana overdose….
    / I hate marijuana…becaause it makes me feel tired…sleepy….and lazy….it never gets me high…I LIKE
    OGOGORO…..IT MAKES ME HAPPY……Ogogoro and cola

  • exotic_ sk11s 1 year ago

    More food videos please !

  • Hafuka101 1 year ago

    My favorite person starts at 7:17! He is my favorite person! And I agree him very good-good!


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