Shocking Ways Nigerian Mothers Feed their Babies

Published on July 22, 2019 by

Mothers are amazing beings (not exempting fathers). Babies are also blessings to parents.

When a baby is born in Africa, there are numerous challenges due to the fact that the baby is new to a lot of practice in their newly found home. Our focus amongst other challenges a baby does have is feeding. Feeding can be a difficult thing for a baby to adapt to, especially for some reasons like taste, kind of food, ill health and other thing. How then does this baby feed?

Before and during the intervention of the baby feeder into Nigeria, mothers have adopted a means to make sure their baby feed no matter what it is that the baby rejects when it comes to liquid food substances. This feeding process is referred to as force-feeding.

What do you think of this practice?

P.S: We do not have any foul intention but to highlight ancient practice in this video.


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  • C. Adagun 5 months ago

    One 9ja grandmother did this in the US and killed her grandchild. She is in prison for manslaughter to this day. So sad

    • Sam Warmate 5 months ago

      C. Adagun I heard about the story 2weeks ago on obodo oyinbo tv but I didn’t realise she was the grandmother.what a tragedy fellow Africans should just abandon certain practices when they migrate to western countries that enforce the rule of law against practices they deem illegal or uncivilised

  • C. Adagun 5 months ago

    Culture is one thing, safety is another.

  • Sylvia Banz 5 months ago

    Not all Nigerians please

  • Antonio Blanche 5 months ago

    Force feeding is not acceptable u see that word force u r giving the child food when it doesn’t want food because it’s full or many other reasons but I do know that they have better practice now of feeding ur babies

  • Diana Connors 5 months ago

    It’s kinda strange I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️ but that little guy looks healthy enough.

  • Amanda Chinyere 5 months ago

    I know a woman whose son died like this. It’s a terrible sight. Sometimes the child is crying and they still force it down. It’s terrible.

  • sarah glynn 5 months ago

    Awful to watch. How can they enjoy their food if they’re fed laying down with their head to one side? It must be like being flooded with liquid. Even if the child is hungry it can’t be a pleasant sensation. It seems to be more for the parents convenience than the child’s benefit.

  • Favour Johnson 5 months ago

    God forbid dis is horrible

  • Michelle Gouribera 5 months ago

    Id rather just breast feed my baby or use bottle even if they dont like it btw choking hazared thats an onother ting

  • tita sim 4 months ago

    Watching this felt like I was suffocating …😑


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