Shocking! Criminals Can Walk Freely Now

Published on July 29, 2019 by

Punishable crimes are frequently committed in our society daily and it is unarguable that it happens everywhere in the world. The difference is just that the rate of committing these crimes varies depending on the citizens and the law.


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  • Bernice Sipes 11 months ago

    You cannot change from being a rapist a child molester that is in you

  • hustle smart 11 months ago

    Slave religion at it finest…we ain’t that brainwash in US…all praise to the sky daddy and the make believe circus in the sky…dammmm fck white jesus

  • kees acheampong 11 months ago

    When you can’t do the time don’t do the crime ! Chrfistian or not Christian.

  • Sidney Odia 11 months ago

    You see how religion has turned the brains of our people in Africa? A murderer and rapist are aloud to pastor churches today because of all those stupid logics you heard and saw on the video above. Tell me how crime will end in the country when people refused to educate themselves.

  • Hanna Castro 11 months ago

    Stupidity at its the highest level.

  • Sylor 11 months ago

    It is ridiculous to think that someone should be pardoned of their crime because they “gave their life to Christ” . Literally, anyone would use that as an excuse to escape punishment. Also if you want to be religious know that Christ will forgive you for the crime, as in you will not go to hell for it, but you will still chop your punishment here on earth or else how else will you learn.

  • Afrika Plug 11 months ago

    What a embarrassment giving your life to a fake white man does not change the fact that you committed a crime. This level of stupidity is not acceptable. Smh

  • ajas ijee 11 months ago

    Punishment is 💯% But the soul is saved.

  • georges Tchianga 11 months ago

    Africans are so stupid and dumb. The fact that this is even a question is absurd.

  • lunayen 11 months ago

    So someone can get a “get out of jail” card for “giving their lives” to Christ and people are okay with it? I hope that all of the people in this video who are okay with crooks robbing them multiple times ’cause there is no limit to how many times one can “give their lives” to Christ. This is some sad way of life.


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