How to do traditional Male Circumcision in Nigeria

Published on May 28, 2018 by

Traditional Circumcision is an extremely important and controversial practice in Nigeria. BattaBox investigates how and why it is still done.

Traditional circumcision in southeast Nigeria, among the Yoruba people must be done at sunrise. So, our BattaBox presenter, Odunayo Oti, arrives to the village early. And at the local circumcision centre where family and the traditional cutter circumcise the children.

The tools used by the “cutter” are still very traditional, and resemble ancient knives. The male baby is laid on the ground and the foreskin is cut. There are no painkillers and nothing to stop the bleeding, except water given from a snails shell. A cloth is tied to the penis and the procedure is finished. It costs N5000, or $15.

The baby boy’s mother explains she prefers the traditional circumcision method over the modern methods because it has been inherited from their forefathers. She is not worried about infection because she trusts the cutter to use the correct tools.

Would you use traditional methods to circumcise your child?


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  • Mimsxo 1 year ago

    I was scared for the baby he was just crying with everything in him. The tools used to do this scares me.There should be some risk to consider when doing this procedure like infections that should be taken into consideration at least

  • Mimsxo 1 year ago

    Aunty in the white is talking sense I respect her opinion!

  • Ian Miles 1 year ago

    We are christian not Muslim or tribal anymore! Stop this nonsense!

  • Eniola Osibeluwo 1 year ago

    the boys mom is very pretty

  • Shaku Demvihin 1 year ago

    this video is so scary

  • Shaku Demvihin 1 year ago

    the mother is so beautifull

  • xxButt3rflyx 1 year ago

    I understand it’s an uncomfortable watch but don’t shoot the messenger. Batta Box isn’t endorsing this practice; rather they are enlightening us on something that has been going on for generations! Would you rather pretend it isn’t happening? How is this any different from any other hard-hitting investigative journalism?
    Just because you don’t want to see it doesn’t mean it is not happening.
    Some people want Batta Box to make videos on only the topics that they like. I watch Batta Box for the dedication they put into covering a range of subjects.

    Yes it is hard to watch but Batta Box did a great job at covering such a sensitive subject.

  • YOUR G-D IS A THOUGHT 1 year ago

    Females accumulate twice the amount of this “white substance” within their you know what. Any Female who approves of circumcision, should be circumsliced, THOROUGHLY. Look at Mrs.Tamilola Tariyo. You can even see “white substance” on her head, and the bullshit she is spouting unveils, beyond a shred of doubt, that there is residing quite a lot more of the “white substance” – ┬áin her Evolved-Primate SKULL.

  • Charles Coded 1 year ago

    This scares me as hell, i cant imagine the pain the child went through. Good job BattaBox for the insight.

  • smith 1 year ago

    The woman that spoke said she has not seen any man that is not circumcise .in Europe special in Italy they don’t circumsize, and nothing happens to them and they do make love and bear children


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