How Nigerians will be Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Published on February 14, 2019 by

Valentine’s day is here again and we are sharing with you our experience asking the audience at Social Media Week Lagos during our visit. We also had a session (We will be uploading that soon *Don’t tell anyone I told you*) and the audience were awesome.

Our question was targeted at asking how they will be spending their day and celebrating on February 14th which is the day of Valentine.

Valentine’s day is an awesome date set aside to celebrate and share love amongst lovers, family, friends, colleague, the needy and many more people. Here in Nigeria, the typical thing people do is to go to work or school during the day with most ladies having “a touch of red” accompanying their attire. “Love in the air” becomes the motto of the day and everyone seem so loved up with the phrase, “Happy Valentine’s Day” with smiles radiating everywhere. And by evening the wait is almost over if not over, the phase for the rush to leave anything tying you down will begin. And when done, you will wish you own a cool spot, Restaurant, Cafeteria, Buka (eatery), exotic spaces and stores before that day because it going to be sales! sales!! sales!!!

What do you think we have omitted to spell out the typical Valentine in Nigeria? How do you intend to celebrate Valentine? Share with us in the comment session.

And thank you for watching as always! Happy Valentine’s Day!


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  • Sri Lakshmi creation 3 months ago

    Wish you happy happens all of you

  • asheni78 3 months ago

    give him new pussy

  • O'Bembe` 3 months ago

    Happy Valentine’s Day AFRICANS. ❤️

  • claressa burel 3 months ago

    Can’t hear 👂 throughout whole entire video

    • Victoria Akomolede 3 months ago


  • Phill Taff 3 months ago

    am a bit disappointed with your audio no doubt something went wrong during recording but the fact that you mix and post it here makes you amateurs, well we learn from mistakes next time have a B role camera and audio for back up

  • Shaku Demvihin 3 months ago

    Valentine is not for you nigerians , you don’t know the meaning of love know only how to kill yourselves

  • Shaku Demvihin 3 months ago

    learned how to love before you talk about Valentine

  • restless journey 3 months ago

    The audio was so bad. I couldn’t hear anything.

  • Kim Lee 3 months ago

    You did your subbies wrong o. Cant hear anything you should have just trashed this one.

  • A- C 3 months ago

    This is nice, keep posting something like this. Not the other way round.


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