How a fibroid victim was saved!

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BattaBox has helped to save the life of a fibroid victim and we couldn’t have done it without you. We are back with another amazing video but with a twist this time. We did it for our own with your support. This is a story of Kehinde who was a victim of Fibroids who was cared for the Irene Fibroid Foundation, through the aid of our Director, Mrs. Yemisi Ilo, and her awesome friend. This story will touch you.

This Fibroid surgery video is more of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for us and for the fact that it will enable us to touch a life, we were so joyous to do this. We hope to do more with your help! You can kindly be a patron of BattaBox by donating to us via the link below:

Fibroids are growths of varying sizes in a woman’s uterus. Sometimes they are so small that women will be unaware they have the fibroids, but sometimes they can become much more dangerous and noticeable, especially if untreated. In particular, causing stomach pain and causing infertility.

Thank you so much for sticking to BattaBox! Your viewership has helped us save a life. Thank you for watching our videos, keep subscribing and tell your family and friends… We did this together!!!


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  • Michael Heery 8 months ago


    • kobra 8 months ago

      village worldclass, with all the worldclass why are people running away for medical treatment in europe.?

  • Michael Heery 8 months ago

    Can theu not ask a EUROPEAN DOCTOR..

  • Michael Heery 8 months ago

    Its called a CYST.

  • Imoisili Danene 8 months ago

    This beautiful girl. Now you are save from the fibroid. ❤❤. Thanks for the video

  • Lucky Joy 8 months ago

    Thank God for her

  • Cola Man 8 months ago

    This is a great information. .many women dies because of lack of funds to treat fibroid

  • Mary Perkins 8 months ago

    Hello Kehinde, I pray that you are feeling a whole lot better sweetheart💗 I don’t know you, but I have a daughter around your age sweetheart💗 if I could have been there to hold your hand I would, and I would nurse you back to health, but I can’t.
    So, I want you to take it easy, and I will continue to pray for your well being sweetheart🌹🌻💐

  • IruAfrica IruAfrica 8 months ago

    I suspect the vaccines we, Africans take from these foreign NGOs, WHO, UNiCEF etc without ian independent test analysis on these vaccines. They are secretly killing us, our women and cutting down on our population to make sure Africans do not be majority in the world! African medics should independently check these foreign vaccines! Remember these are the descendants of those that eenslaved and colonised us!!!

  • Hannah Udoette 8 months ago

    It has nothing to do with a woman being overweight pls, the doctor didn’t confirm it either. That’ll will means the 80% of black suffering from fibroid are all overweight or what? I can count lots of slim women I know that suffers fibroid. God bless the brain behind this foundation.

  • Stuff 8 months ago

    Blessings to you. I have had fibroids 3 times now. Thank you for uploading this video and sharing. I am also very happy there is a foundation to help ladies in need of surgery. The BWHS, Black women’s health study has a wealth of knowledge.


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