From Banker to Meat Seller | Single mum tells

Published on May 23, 2019 by

This is a story of Derin, a single mum who goes from being a banker to a meat seller. After discovering Derin and her story, we decided to do a story that will express how her daily life looks like.

From a woman who is a graduate and has worked in a bank, law firm, restaurant and other pursuits to make sure she caters for her kids.

A day in the life of Derin exposes us to the journey of a woman who has 2 kids to nurture, handle business from getting the order from her customers, going to the market, sorting out and cleaning them up before delivering.

What is the most intriguing thing you have heard a single mom do? Gist us!!!


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  • zelez4ever 2 years ago

    nice video, hope her business will go better, she need to invest some money in a truck first

  • Okebadan Dahunsi 2 years ago

    It is during challenging times, that your survival instinct kicks in and you’re at your creative best.
    Keep believing in yourself, never lose your faith in GOD and take good care of your boys.

    • You And Me Planets 2 years ago


  • Bolaji olaojo 2 years ago

    Well done my sister….

  • You And Me Planets 2 years ago

    Great respect to every good and Godly single mum out there who’re suffering, fighting tooth and nail to take care of their babies. Kudos, God got your backs 😘

  • Bitrus Ibrahim Mingyi 2 years ago

    What an intelligent lady!!!

  • uzoma kelechi 2 years ago

    Can I get a supply from her for my patty

  • Wahab Odusola 2 years ago

    Awesome!! I admire her resilience and spirit. Keep up with the good work.

  • Ishaku Ibrahim Adamu 2 years ago

    This is a good idea ,where if she stay at home waiting for nothing to

  • Alexander Oghadeva 2 years ago

    Anybody that has this lady as a wife is very lucky
    Mostly now that Nigerian and Ghana women see prostitution this days as civilization through nollywood

  • Kevin Asoera 2 years ago

    Thesame children she’s struggling to make ends meet might start disrespecting women in future , Dad is gone with wind because he regarded himself to be a player or a rolling stone, may she be blessed with her hard work(Ameen).