Do Wives Need Permission To Cut Their Hair?

Published on May 15, 2019 by

In today’s video, we are asking people on the street if a wife will need the permission of her husband before she makes a decision to cut her hair. And if yes/No, why???

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It is a typical tradition in Nigeria and most Africa countries, that the man of the house is made the head of the home. A woman also right but does that include doing things without her husband’s permission? Should she always take permission before she acts?

Making a beautiful hairstyle to entice her husband is a thing most women cherish but allow us to twist this video topic a little further. Should a woman cut her hair to surprise her husband?


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  • Ants vtrova 1 day ago

    If your wife shaved her heard bald, will you be ok with it or will you cry and roll on the ground kicking the furniture mourning?

  • deu teron 1 day ago

    Whatever make her happy, hair styles makes absolutely no difference to me!

  • Alex B 1 day ago

    Damn she’s beautiful!

  • Bubuuu b 1 day ago

    Nigerian men are more cute than the women

  • Viv A. 1 day ago

    “permission” is definitely not the right word lol

  • Mary J Bright 19 hours ago

    I say do whatever works for your relationship. If you want to ask permission then do so and if not dont do so. Personally I dont need to ask permission because I am an adult and he doesnt need to ask my permission either, so we’re good.

  • GuyaneseDoll 16 hours ago

    Did he help me grow it!? 😔 Ok so…why ask to cut it. Hair grows back.

  • Pat Coco 9 hours ago

    Permission from whom… you ask permission before you put on those fake-goat hair

  • Pat Coco 9 hours ago

    Ladies watch for the guy in the red shirt he’s narrow minded and dangerous.

  • Miningfox 7 hours ago

    The woman should decide on her own body. The man can say what he prefers but the woman does not have to do what he says.


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