Do Nigerians have their Permanent Voters Card (PVC)?

Published on February 15, 2019 by

The 2019 Nigeria Election is right here and Nigerians will be voting for their president of choice tomorrow. Some Nigerians are out in the News saying the yet to collect their Permanent Voters Card even with the recent extension of the collection date. The words on the street also show that most people do not even register in readiness to vote. So we went out to the street of Lagos just around Ikeja Local Government to know if they even have a permanent voters card.

The permanent Voters Card is a card that distinguishes itself from other valid means of identity citizens can use during the time of the election. There are other means of validation of which every Nigerian can identify themselves but the Permanent Voters Card (PVC) is the only classified object that makes each Nigerian eligible for voting.

There are other official means of identification apart from the Permanent Voters Card (PVC) which are the Nigeria International Passport, National Driving Licence and the Nigeria National Identity Card, but they can not be used as a representation to cast your vote.

So we are asking Nigerians, Do you have your PVC and who do you intend to vote for?


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  • God Will Favour 3 months ago

    First to comment… where are my fellow landlord and landladies of YouTube I hope you guys are here 💃 💃💃 💃

    • Nwaokike Francklin 3 months ago

      Our YouTube Queen 👑

      Yes we are.

      Lead ahead 🥇🏆

  • Prince Righty I 3 months ago

    Elections should be easier. In a lot of countries, voters only need an identity card, official driving license or passport to vote. The rest is the Election Commission’s job. Maybe the voter’s card is a type of ID anyway? 😂

    Anyway, go to your polling station and vote for the brighter and better Nigeria. May the force be with you 😎

  • BattaBox 3 months ago

    Who do you think will win? Buhari, Atiku or someone else?

    • Prince Righty I 3 months ago

      Whoever wins, I hope Agege bread is still fluffy and good to be eaten with ewa agoyin 😂😂😂😂

    • Ile Adura 3 months ago

      Why are people saying the elections have been postponed ?

  • Queen Daniels 3 months ago

    Whoever wins I don’t have much hope for them doing right by nigerians

  • D 3 months ago


  • ComedyClubE SERIES 3 months ago

    Don’t sell your vote ,only AAC takeitback

  • lunayen 3 months ago

    You guys should do an interview about what do Nigerians want from the winner of the elections. NOT who will win or who the people will vote for, because that might lead to on-camera deaths by passerbys. Just what do they hope for, what are the important points the government should address. Just to see different opinions.


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