Cooking Vegetable Soup with Locust Beans

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Welcome to another episode of Food Arena! On this segment, we will be preparing vegetable soup with Locust Beans with a beautiful National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) member, Racheal who is going to be our guest today. Remember to share your views and comment in the comment section.

Locust Beans is a seasoning which forms an integral part of most cooking in some countries in Africa including Nigeria and it is most times a favorite for those who find it interesting in their meal, be it soup, stew, and other food types. The typical locust beans dishes are majorly those that are constituted by tomato, pepper, vegetable.

The locust beans are fondly called “Iru” in the Yoruba land, “Ogiri” by the Igbos and “Dawa Dawa” by the Hausa people, all of Nigeria. This spice is one of a kind to most Nigerian food and to add some extra info, it can be eaten too without adding it to any meal. A lot of people who consume it, finds it delicious in taste.

Cooking with locust beans can be a dicey thing if you do not know your ways around it. This is simply because, at first contact, locusts beans has a funny smell and might not appeal to you immediately. This smell is characterized by the means it is being preserved. It is commonly preserved with salt and it does not spoil easily and can be preserved for weeks, even months.

To use locust beans after being preserved for a long time, you will need to wash and rinse in properly with water to reduce the funny smell and also to bring back the original taste.

We decided to make vegetable soup using Locust beans in this video, and you won’t believe the taste and aroma. The flavor locusts beans bring to the locusts beans is pretty amazing. Do you know a thing or two about locust beans? What will/have you be cooking with locusts beans?

Watch & Enjoy!!!


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  • Zadah Omar 4 months ago

    Hello… that’s not liver… that is an animal pancreas… love from Chad…

  • E. F. 4 months ago

    What a great smile and personality she has!!

  • Bake with Chinny 4 months ago

    Locust bean is always great with Nigerian soup. I relish it.

  • Olayinka Babalola 4 months ago

    Error madam efo riro, u need to perboil the vegetable before u add it to ur source and no matter how u love locust beans (iru) what u add is too much thank u. 55% for u.

  • Becky A. 4 months ago

    Wish I could download (eat) the food with you guys!

  • Becharis Golden 4 months ago

    Nobody use locust bean to cook jollof rice

    • Michael Cooks 4 months ago

      Some grind it with pepper

    • Ola Dada 4 months ago

      They do

  • Steve unique 4 months ago

    The girl fine sha,wife material 😆

  • Khursum R.K Banguola 4 months ago

    That small is what I love about locust beans

  • Khursum R.K Banguola 4 months ago

    I respect a woman who keeps het pot clean

  • Ayeni Grace 4 months ago

    See as I just dey salivate. Thumbs up to the cook. Iru is bae…..


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