Cooking Egusi Soup with Traditional Grinding Stone

Published on June 4, 2019 by

In today’s video, we are showcasing the traditional grinding stone as an aid in cooking in traditional and modern kitchens in and out of Africa. Our Presenter is accompanied by our guest, Joke Aina who took us through the process and made a delicious pot of Egusi Soup.

Watch out for the next episode of Food Arena with our guest, Joke Aina who made another Nigerian delicacy, Gbegiri, and Ewedu Soup.

Happy Eid-il-Fitr to our Muslim friends all over the world

The grinding stone is a popular traditional stone solely made for the purpose of the blending of food, brought to existence in earlier days of our forefathers. Back in the days, our forefathers in search of solutions to make life better and easier for them, discovered and created some objects such as the mortal and pestle, grinding stone with which they use in blending and pounding of food items they eat for survival.

Here we are today, in the 21st century and these objects are still in very good use, despite in the intervention of technology which was used in this case to invent the modern electric blender. The electric blender is used in a modern home but you will still find homes here in Africa where these grinding stones are still so much in use.

It is still a popular belief that any food or food ingredient blended with the grinding stone, tastes way better than the food blended with a modern electric blender. How true is that? Share with us in the comment section.


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  • victor erivona 1 year ago

    Give us their location so we can go and try the nice dish when we visit.

  • The Black Spencer 1 year ago

    Love the video as always but in my culture, it is the Elderly that will share it i.e the fufu or eba you shared…. it’s disrespectful if you do that in my Yoruba culture….. Lets try and appreciate our culture and embrace it not “sell it” or throw it away

  • opeyemi adeoye 1 year ago

    She prepared for d show ni sha… na breast man just they watch 👀😅

  • bartjan beltman 1 year ago

    she is a good cook, her egussi soup looks delicious, love to eat it with pounded yam .

  • naju332 1 year ago

    so the cleavage shot looks delicious whenever she bends down or the food?

  • Berk genc 1 year ago

    i love your cooking videos. unfortunately i dont have any chance to taste these delicacies in my country for now. i love how you guys are friendly when eating with the same plate. so genuine. keep up the good work!

  • Chronic Awareness 1 year ago

    African woman are strong, efficient, capable woman. American woman can learn from them

  • Galina Vorobjova 1 year ago

    This is interesting .. I would like to try to cook ..

  • Galina Vorobjova 1 year ago

    Why so difficult .. in a blender can not?

  • Priceless Baby 1 year ago

    Hungry boys see as them dey do anyhow 😂😂


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