Can a Woman Support Her Spouse without Complaining? For a Year?

Published on August 29, 2019 by

Hi Guys!!! Today, we are touching on a gist that will help us find out from pedestrians in Lagos to know if truly a woman can support her spouse (husband) for a year, without complaining or nagging.

In life, things do not get so rosy at any point in time, no matter the financial status. Let’s put this situation into play:
A man who works and earns about $80,000 from his job yearly, carters for his family and everything seem to be smooth. His woman (wife) and children are doing fine and happy.

After a couple of years, the company where the man works was in a financial crisis and this man got sacked. For the first few months, he keeps on searching for new opportunities and depends on his savings for the meantime.

After about 8 months he could not keep up and the whole house now depends on the earnings of the wife. Now the position has shifted from the husband being the breadwinner to the wife. The question now is:

Can that woman support her husband without complaining within a year in the present situation?


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  • Nekesha Sweetland 12 months ago

    She can’t support her husband for one year🤔🤔🤔 that’s sad because you would want him to support you for a year

    • SETONDJI Gael 12 months ago

      I am always surprise about that… Meanwhile he support you most of the time and some ladies couldn’t support they husband for simply 12month… Their husband !!!!!! Shame!!! Shame##

  • Nekesha Sweetland 12 months ago

    Exactly prayer and true love ❤️ you shouldn’t and lady your wrong am not stingy oooh and will take care of my man for years as long as it’s difficult times

  • Qineon Steel 12 months ago

    It be dis young femalez of 2day 😐dat attack good men. Watin dey happen?😐

  • Kiyoncé Kartier 12 months ago

    It depends on the circumstances

  • i Martins 12 months ago

    No not Nigerian women, from most I have met so far , are so money minded and that is so,so, sad. A woman that stands by her man, when the foot is on the other shoe the man will cherish her.

  • sharon strech 12 months ago

    Yes if there is love it can be done

  • Kay Kay 12 months ago

    The last woman made the most sense. Lol so true

  • Tabs T 12 months ago

    Everyone talking about murder, election rigging, jailing sowore, corruption, ipob, and pressing matters.
    Battabox talks about utter bullshit.

  • Aboriginal Beauty 12 months ago

    Can black men just do what they are suppose to do and put action behind their words so he can stop viewing black women as complainers/naggers? Support is a reaction to the his initial action of getting up and taking action. Read that again!

    • Michael Heery 12 months ago

      3rd world…..even PIDGIN.

  • Michael Heery 12 months ago

    Listen to the STUPID PIDGIN..