Nigeria: Untold Story (part 1)

Published on March 27, 2016 by

So I was in Nigeria for 4 weeks when i decided myself and 2 of my brothers should do a road trip around Nigeria so as to visit and see places we’ve never been to before.
Fortunately for me, i had my new Phantom 2 with me, and had the oportunity of flying and filming some of the wonderful places we came across. I must say, i discovered and learn so many new things about Nigeria i never knew before.
Its a pity we weren’t able to reach most of the states we had in mind to go to, but i was quit happy with the very few states we drove to.
Nigeria is a beautiful country that consist of 36 states all different, big and lovely in their own way. Am currently planning a second trip to Nigeria so as to try my possible best to film some of the other states and the beauty they have to offer.

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