What would you change if you were Lagos Governor?

Published on November 6, 2018 by

If you are elected as the Governor of Lagos state, what will you change? Here is the topic for today as we look to hear from Lagosians what change they will love to see as the gubernatorial election is fast approaching…

Lagos is known to be the most populated city in Nigeria, and one of the fastest-growing city in Africa. The population of Lagos according to the Lagos State Government was 17.5 million, with a later report claiming to estimate the population at 21 million.

Lagos state is unarguably the fastest economically growing city in Nigeria, despite the worsening condition of the state presently. And there has been a crisis regarding the mismanagement of the state from the last tenure to this time and a whole lot of citizen have been complaining about the present condition of the state.

So we went out to ask the citizens of Lagos, what they think of the condition, express themselves and tell us what they will love to change/improve in the city. Join us by watching this video.


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  • Michael Fabanwo 10 months ago

    Becky, are you wearing Koste onírin🤓? It looks cute on you.

  • Felisha Austin 10 months ago

    http://www.israelunite.org So-called Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans need to come back to God’s laws and commanments, that’s they only way change gone come

  • Shaku Demvihin 10 months ago

    the lady with batta box t shirt , your hair na waooh

    • Annie Special 10 months ago


  • aerkanoxchi noxhiborz 10 months ago

    Where is Odunayo ??

  • Prince Righty I 10 months ago

    If I am elected as the Governor, I will make a partition of Lagos State into West Lagos and East Lagos. Managing 20 or so millions of people in a subnational division is an insanely depressing job. 😬

    Lagos has an undeniable potential to be a greater economic powerhouse of Nigeria, even greater than other cities in Africa. By eliminating corruption, elevating productivity and easing small businesses, Lagos can make their citizen flourish more thaan ever. 😀

  • Mario Elias Larsen Palabıyık 10 months ago

    What about electricity for everyone

  • Mario Elias Larsen Palabıyık 10 months ago

    no generators

  • Tracie Okhiku 10 months ago

    In America , we have 3 working shifts, 7 days a week . If all of Africa took advantage of the weather there and provided solar energy to business and homes . People who owned certain companies could operated two or three work shift . If they took advantage of man power and put those who are lockup in jail and made them work Cleaning repairing roads , repairing building , building structure . They could have the ones who are dangerous plant vegetable and fruits on prison grounds . Have the young offenders work cleaning trash from the streets and later attend specials schools . They could have female offenders sawing Free uniforms for school children . Nigerian hold the most and the hugest degrees in America . This is a fact . Africa needs to give all African a reason to come home and make Africa great . America has the best and the brightest Africa , doctors , lawyers , teachers ..,etc . It’s just crazy ‼️‼️‼️

  • Peter Snow 10 months ago

    The Hausa / Yoruba arrest of Nigeria must be broken

  • Stallion 10 months ago

    The girl reporter is really sexy!!! I would love to hit that!!!


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