The Challenges of Being Albino in Nigeria

Published on July 2, 2019 by

Did you know how Albinism comes to be, what results to albinism, causes and any other? Are Albinistic people dangerous? You will find out in this video. Stay tuned!

Albinistic people are mostly known as “Albino”, also “Afin” as mostly used in Nigeria.

A lot of people in Nigeria, Africa and other parts of the world have different notions about an Albinistic person but most of the beliefs and myth can be said to be wrong about albinism.

Albinism is quite common in Sub-Sahara Africa communities and it is a genetically inherited condition that occurs inaccurately in one of twenty thousand people. It is said to be caused by Consanguinity. In a lot of places, people due to lack of knowledge believe that Albinistic people should be killed, used for money ritual, body shamed and so much more.

Albinism in right from birth and is likely to occur when one or both parent is genetically affected. It is not specific to gender as it can happen to both males and females. As it is a serious condition, it also has a lot of ways to be controlled as shared in this video. One of our interviewees, Dr. Francisca Ajose – Associate Professor of Dermatology, LASUTH, also shared more knowledge about this condition.

Watch, share and tell us stories you have heard about albinistic people.


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  • The BRIDGE 54 11 months ago

    Thank you for shining light on this, we don’t have many albino in Haiti but the black world is ignorant when it comes to albinos

  • Benjamin Elkanem 11 months ago

    I’m albino from Nigeria I eat salt magi and pepper I don’t see anything in my body I Don’t know why maybe God gave me a Gud skin.

    • Tobby Isiba 11 months ago

      The salt thing is a myth.

  • Joy David 11 months ago

    I dont have any problem with them God knows WHY they are in our mixt, protection, care and love is what they need.

  • Ak Pat 11 months ago

    when i was in primary school, i used to think that albinos have their own country just like foreigners. how stupid i was!!!!!

  • Black American 11 months ago

    Africa is just a destructive continent full of people always looking for excuses and unproven ways to commit homicides

  • Lily sparkle 11 months ago

    The little girl needs glasses. Battabox, how can I contribute to help the young girl with getting the glasses. Thank you

  • Aish 11 months ago

    I feel like there’s loads of albinos in Nigeria even in comparison to other black countries . Is there a reason for this ?

  • Awkward Silence 11 months ago

    Better Title than before, They should be enlightened use protective creams and wear protective clothing and they should be fine. As for the oyinbo or yellow there is no ill feeling.
    And yes there ain’t in the best country but they ain’t in the worst either Google Tanzania and Albinos

  • Beauty Anderson 11 months ago

    Albinism is beautiful,unique and God’s creation.

  • CforComfort 11 months ago

    Battabox, how do I reach out to that precious girl who needs glasses?


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